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Job Title:Excavator repairman Apply

Job Title:Excavator repairman
The Number:1

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for maintenance of excavator and excavator maintenance

2. Complete the related maintenance report and the task assigned by the director

Job requirements:

1. serious and responsible work, able to work under pressure;

2. team spirit and professionalism, quick learning ability and good communication skills

3. be able to obey superior arrangement

Job Title:Electrical Design Engineer Apply

Job Title:Electrical Design Engineer
The Number:1

Job responsibilities:
1, under the guide of system layout and electrical design process, solve the difficult problems of design;
2, design technology conditions of preparation of electrical system book, task, product;
In 3, during the operation of the project technical coordination, assessment and other work;
4, communicate with other departments, so that the design of the Department and other departments to smooth docking technology;
5, change the design to guide the professional departments within the scope (including drawings, models and technical documents etc.);
6, in the technical field of professional technical personnel education and training subordinates.

Job requirements:
1, electronic / electrical design, mechanical design and other related professional, college degree or above;
3, more than 2 years of experience in automotive design, more than 2 models of electrical system design experience;
3, be able to use CATIA, UG, Pro-E and other three-dimensional design software, a kind of;
4, with a strong ability to innovate, logical thinking, communication skills.

Job Title:Electrical structure designer Apply

Job Title:Electrical structure designer
The Number:1

Post qualification:
1 Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design or related;
The design for more than 2.4 years experience in brand air conditioners or all electric appliance products, familiar with the structure and process;
3 familiar with the machining process, such as machine plus, Ban Jin, die casting, injection molding, etc., have a good understanding of the surface process;
Design 4 proficiency in Pro/E, Solidworks, CAD and other software;
5 strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit, good communication and coordination ability.

Job requirements:
Structure design and processing of 1 series of products for electric project;
2 according to the company's development process, the output stage according to the design drawings and documents;
3 responsible for product structure mold follow up, to solve the problems in the process of.